My Journeys 

Hey Girl,

I just returned from Salt Lake City, Utah and the Close To My Heart annual convention and feeling re-newed, re-freshed, re-done. We all had that time when we realize things aren’t going the way we want, so we have a choice. Sit on the couch and veg out to Netflix or make a plan and get moving. 

I have chosen to get moving. Things weren’t going as I had planned and it was so easy to sit on my couch and feel sorry for myself and just watch tv. So I am moving on. 

I am moving on in my business with Close To My Heart. 

I want to boost my business and earn the title of Director for next years convention. 

I want to boost my business so I can burst with energy and show my passion about papercrafting. 

I want to re-connect with my friends and make new friends. 

I want to start this journey with gratitude and express that by writing on this blog my journey in life. So this blog will still showcase artwork but it also will be more personal as I feel Facebook (which I post on) doesn’t tell my story and quiet honestly it is just too much. I hope you stick around and enjoy the journey with me. 

Today as I was walking with Abbey my BFF (who doesn’t think she is a dog) I noticed my hair in my eyes and the way the sun hit the colors of it. I was thankful for having hair because I know some friends who have cancer and have lost theirs. I also immediately thought of my hairdresser, Daphne, whom I have known for many years now and the friendship we have. The tears of pain and joy we have shared. So today I am grateful for a full head of hair and all the joy it brings me. 

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